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Laurel Sim

Partner and VP of Taleo Project Services Inc.

Laurel Sim

Partner and VP

In an evolving time where companies/organizations have to face an array of complex challenges, be it on technical grounds or even dealing with changing market trends, it’s always better to have someone at ready disposal acting as go-to guides. And this is where companies such as Taleo Project Services Inc. come in, offering innovative solutions and strategic guidance when and where it is needed.


Laurel Sim, the Partner and VP of Taleo, steers the course of this dynamic endeavor with her ample experience and deft grasp of the project management nuances. Her outstanding leadership and tactical insight illuminate the firm’s way, ushering it towards ingenious answers and promoting business growth in today’s stringent business environment.

From the Scratch

Being a part of a big family, Laurel Sim gives credit to her parents for influencing not just the morality but also the career choices of their offspring. Due to her upbringing on a farm, Laurel saw firsthand the value of hard work and the sense of community that comes with it. This setting probably gave Laurel a strong sense of perseverance and a profound appreciation for the advantages of teamwork and mutual aid.


When Laurel lost her father in her twenties, her life underwent a tremendous change. She was deeply affected by his strong principles, business acumen, and dedication to assisting others. She surely got to where she is now and her job path was greatly affected by his exemplary behavior.


Laurel Sim recounts two crucial experiences when considering the major events that have helped to mold her into the professional she is today. The first of these memories takes her back to her junior high years, when she had the honor of being mentored by Mrs. Vold, an exceptional teacher whose impact endures to this day. Mrs. Vold continually promoted learning and taught the priceless lesson of respect for others. Mrs. Vold continually encouraged Laurel to participate in elocution competitions, which helped Laurel discover her love for public speaking. Mrs. Vold’s unflinching confidence in Laurel’s abilities and unrelenting encouragement sparked a deep love of public speaking in her that endures to this day.

From Break to Breakthrough

After resolutely deciding to delve into her true passions, Laurel Sim took a three-year hiatus from formal education, a choice she regards as one of the most pivotal in her life. Reflecting on this transformative period, Laurel expressed, “It allowed me the time and space to introspect, evaluate my interests, and gain clarity on what I wanted to pursue in my academic and professional journey.”


Upon her return to university, armed with three years of life experience, Laurel approached her studies in Computer Science with an unparalleled determination, effortlessly completing her degree. In this professional realm, Laurel unearthed a profound insight: the art of attentive listening holds unparalleled power. “By actively paying attention and comprehending the core of their challenges or concerns, I was able to identify ways to contribute, problem-solve, and create innovative solutions,” she enthused.

Journey towards Taleo

Laurel Sim’s journey to Taleo and the unique circumstances that led her to join the company were set into motion when she crossed paths with Matthew Hillhouse, the managing partner of Taleo, on multiple occasions over the years. Upon approaching her with an offer, expressing interest in joining the team, Laurel was forthright with Matthew about her condition – she would only consider joining if there was a prospect for partnership within the initial two years. It was imperative to Laurel that they had the opportunity to work closely together, akin to a professional courtship, in order to ascertain the potential for sustained success in their collaboration. This approach allowed them to comprehensively grasp each other’s work methodologies, values, and objectives, culminating in a formidable partnership.


Their collaborative journey commenced with a team of 10 consultants, but through unwavering dedication and collective exertion, they witnessed remarkable expansion. Presently, they proudly encompass a cohort of over 100 consultants, each specializing in nine diverse industries. This growth is emblematic not only of the team’s fortitude but also of their steadfast commitment to offering superlative service and expertise across a wide spectrum of sectors.


What resonates profoundly with Laurel about Taleo is the unwavering ethical compass they adhere to and their steadfast dedication to bolstering the community that surrounds them. At Taleo, every individual is cherished and accorded respect, transcending mere numerical representation. This human-centric ethos is woven deeply into their cultural fabric, and Laurel takes pride in being an integral part of an organization that places paramount importance on the well-being and advancement of both its consultants and clients.

The Taleo Partnership

Persuaded by her experience, Laurel Sim decided to partner with Taleo during a crucial point in her career. Despite overcoming a significant player in the industry over a contract, Laurel saw many possibilities for success within a locally owned business like Taleo.


By envisioning their ideal future, anyone has the power to ascend to new heights. Laurel was greatly influenced by this revelation, feeling inspired to seize even the most daunting opportunities. She learned that success can be attained through persistence, foresight, and calculated risk-taking. This experience solidified her belief in the potential of determined individuals.


Becoming a partner at Taleo unlocked a world of possibilities for Laurel. It provided her the opportunity to contribute to a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, collaborate with talented individuals, and make a meaningful impact on clients and the industry at large. The journey has been marked by continuous learning, personal growth, and the satisfaction of witnessing collective efforts translate into tangible results.


Laurel is grateful for that pivotal moment, as it granted her the clarity and conviction to pursue her aspirations with unwavering determination. It stands as a constant reminder that by embracing her visions, having the courage to compete on a larger stage, and leveraging her unique strengths, she can carve her own path.

As the Partner and VP

Laurel Sim’s management approach can be succinctly characterized as direct, forthright, and rooted in data-informed decision-making. She harbors no affinity for political maneuvering or evading the truth, opting instead for a transparent and integrity-driven stance when addressing situations. Her resolute belief lies in grounding decisions on robust data and conveying them with genuine empathy for those affected. While she places paramount importance on ethical and open practices, Laurel equally acknowledges that individuals constitute the core of any organization. She firmly upholds that their requisites and welfare must invariably be a primary concern.


Laurel Sim’s enduring fascination with the complexity of human interactions and the multifaceted array of issues that can arise within a team or organization propels Laurel to continually enhance her proficiencies in people management and leadership. She firmly upholds that proficient leadership transcends mere technical expertise or data analysis; it involves cultivating a nurturing and inclusive milieu where individuals are empowered to excel and contribute their utmost.


Throughout her illustrious career, Laurel has relished the opportunity to confront these people-centric challenges head-on. Each circumstance presents an entirely new set of intricacies, demanding an open-minded approach and an unwavering commitment to discerning the optimal resolution for all parties involved. It is an ongoing learning journey, wherein she continually strives to refine her proficiencies and deepen her comprehension of human behavior and motivation.

Innovating the Future

Laurel Sim holds a steadfast conviction in the imperative to be inventive and imaginative in light of the ongoing disruptions reshaping our work landscape. She firmly asserts that the prospective growth of Taleo rests upon their capacity to think beyond conventional boundaries and consistently push the limits of what is attainable.


Aligned with this ethos, Taleo is presently engrossed in establishing a new service branch geared towards nurturing young talent in Project Management. Recognizing that early life choices often wield a substantial influence on long-term preferences and allegiances, Laurel draws a parallel between the initial car brand one chooses and subsequent brand loyalty. She contends that by positively impacting and empowering younger generations with the advantages and acumen of project management, Taleo positions itself as the brand of choice in the years to come.


Equipping young individuals with the resources, mentorship, and avenues to cultivate their project management proficiencies serves a dual purpose. It not only contributes to their personal development and professional prospects but also forges an enduring bond between them and Taleo. This approach mirrors Taleo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and investing in the future leaders of diverse industries.


In a swiftly evolving world, adaptability and innovation stand as linchpins to sustained relevance. By actively tending to the aspirations and needs of the younger generation, Taleo emerges as trailblazers in their field. Initiatives like the youth-centric project management service line exemplify their dedication to ceaseless refinement and their readiness to embrace change.

Leadership and Impact

Laurel Sim emphasizes crucial qualities required for effective project leadership. One of these qualities is the ability to pivot quickly and respond to issues and risks proactively. As a project leader, Laurel believes it is essential to be adaptable and agile in navigating unexpected challenges that arise during the course of a project. By recognizing potential issues and risks ahead of time, Laurel can take proactive measures to mitigate their impact, ensuring smoother project execution.


However, it is important to note that while Laurel can identify potential solutions, the ultimate decision-making authority lies with the executive leadership team. As a project leader, Laurel’s role is to present the available options and provide well-informed recommendations. This allows the executive leaders to make informed decisions on the best direction for the project, leveraging their expertise and strategic vision.


Laurel’s education has played a significant role in equipping her with the skills necessary to excel in project leadership. Through her educational journey, she has honed her ability to learn about new concepts, technologies, and methodologies. This continuous learning mindset ensures that Laurel stays updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. Additionally, her education has fostered critical thinking skills, which Laurel considers to be the powerful machine that propels her forward in overcoming challenges and finding innovative solutions.


Furthermore, beyond her professional career Laurel Sim has served on a number of volunteer boards. Even if each position has a unique meaning, she is most passionate about Noah’s Law, an organization, which she personally feels is tremendously fulfilling to lead the group through the challenging procedure of introducing a private member’s bill to the Canadian Senate and the House of Commons.

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Laurel Sim
Partner and VP



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