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Juliet La

A Personifier of Will Power

Juliet La

Marketing Director, MRP Capital Investments, LLC

Walk with Juliet La, the 21-year-old Marketing Director, as she narrates her real-life story about turning adversity into opportunity. 


Looking back at my life, although I have only been living for 21 years, in every situation I was in, I learned and gathered valuable lessons and experiences that shaped me into the woman I am today. Growing up as a child, I went through immense trauma, meaning being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused nearly every day. Though that isn’t what shaped me; what shaped me was “me.” 


I don’t let the moments that hurt me define me; instead, the perseverance in me that kept me going is what defines me. I don’t allow mere “bad” experiences to be “bad.” But to be an inspiration, to go even harder. 

Initial High School Days

In high school, I went through a traumatic event with a boy I was dating. He took advantage of me, and I was getting bullied. In addition, I was getting addicted to all kinds of drugs. 

 I was skipping school, getting in trouble, failing my classes, and my demise seemed inevitable. However, I decided to turn my life around in my sophomore year of high school, and that is when I found my drive and determination. 

Turning Things Around

I started a club branch at my school named DECA. The first year started with a few members, me, and a dream. It felt nice to thrive, but I wanted more than self-gratification. I tried to turn my story into a teaching moment that would inspire students. 


From the first year of DECA, we started with eight-ten members. By the time I graduated high school, Discovery High School DECA had been recognized for winning national competitions three years running. We went from under a dozen members to three hundred. And with the skills in business marketing that I acquired from DECA, I was able to assist the sales of my school store increase by more than 1000%. I was creating campaigns, strategies, plans, and all sorts of marketing tactics to make a successful store and club in my school. As a result of the hard work I was putting in to leave my past behind, I won Student of The Year for Gwinnett County. 


I was incredibly proud of myself because I pulled myself out of a cycle of questioning my self-worth and persistence. But, most importantly, I showed the students at my school that they aren’t stuck where they weren’t and that anyone can succeed if they’re determined. Opportunities in this world are limitless, and I am passionate about showing people precisely this.

Last Thoughts

My biggest takeaway from all of the experiences I have been through was to persevere no matter what. I believe intrinsic motivation overcomes all, and I finally found mine. The quote “mind over matter” truly speaks to me because when I lost my mind, had no will, or wanted to go on, I found out that I mattered.

You can truly achieve anything if you put your mind to it, and I hope to let others believe the same about themselves by watching my story unfold. Juliet La

You can truly achieve anything if you put your mind to it. I hope to let others believe the same about themselves by watching my story unfold. My future and goals are my biggest motivators as I know the greater purpose it serves in helping others along the way. Being successful is important to me as it shows others can be too, regardless of where they come from or what they go through. Knowing I can help others with my story instilled a passion into me that I never knew I had. I feel I can do anything, become anyone, and most importantly, make a difference.


MRP Capital Investments, LLC



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Juliet La

Marketing Director



Juliet is getting her degree in Marketing Communications and Professional Development. She is proficient in Marketing Strategy and Analysis which is vital to the business infrastructure and branding. 

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