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Brenda Wunsch, Co-CEO, Sapphire RCMS, LLC.

Brenda Wunsch is the Co-CEO of Sapphire RCMS, LLC. Working for the health care company since March 2020, Brenda has an elaborate list of startups she has helped grow from the ground up and earned the reputation of reliability, astuteness, and sheer brilliance. Before understanding why she’s a part of our ten most influential women leaders of 2021, let us take a journey back in Brenda’s life and navigate to the present. Along the way, let’s read a few quotes from Brenda herself.

How it Began,

Brenda’s career started in the early 1980s, right after procuring a BA degree from The Evergreen State College. Within just two years after college, Brenda took the leap into founding a marketing & advertising company in 1982. Today, startup culture may seem like a millennial invention, but Brenda was spearheading startups, raising money, and foreseeing problems & solving them decades ago.

“I have worked with many VCs, have led numerous startups, and am currently on the board of several startups. I loved it back then, and I love being a part of the startup world even today.”Brenda Wunsch

Speaking of this, Brenda says, “During the silicon valley boom in the late 1990s, I got the bug for startups when I was working hands-on in the industry. Since then, I have worked with many VCs, have led numerous startups, and am currently on the board of several startups. I loved it back then, and I love being a part of the startup world.”

Professional Snippets

Brenda co-founded Westco Marketing Incorporated in the year 1980, developed a brand strategy, and grew the company for 20 years until 2000. In the meantime, she was a partner and CEO for Ventura Marketing Inc between 1998 and 2009.


She cofounded OnQ Corporation in 2005, stayed with it until 2012, and then went on to become the President of Critiquelt Inc. Between 2008 and 2017, Brenda also took up the responsibility as CEO of sandpipermarketing.com.


Carrying on as President of Critiquelt Inc. between 2015 and 2018, Brenda sold the education software brand to a public company, which was an accomplishment indeed.


Speaking of this, Brenda avers, “I was the President of Critiquelt, an education software company. We sold Critiquelt to a public company which is an accomplishment indeed.”


While working as CRO for Scoutbee from 2018 to 2020 and currently leading Sapphire RCMS, LLC as Co-CEO from 2020, Brenda’s professional snippet is a journey that cannot be summarised in a few paragraphs.

Recent Accomplishments

Brenda’s name precedes her as the go-to person to raise funds in the startup space. Being the Chief Revenue Officer of Scoutbee for three years, her accomplishment is raising $76 million in 18 months, which goes a long way in securing the future of a startup.


As for now, Brenda operates as the co-CEO of Sapphire RCMS and is in talks to bring in $10 million in new investments, along with new clients.


She exited the agency business just 10 years ago, began raising funds for startups, and currently operates as an executive for numerous companies.

“The hardest part for startups is raising money and staffing, and I do my best to help them raise money with my experience & expertise.” Brenda Wunsch

Speaking of the same, Branda says, “The hardest part for startups is raising money and staffing, and I do my best to help them raise money with my experience & expertise”.

About Sapphire RCMS

The journey with Sapphire RCMS began when Walter Larkins, the company’s co-founder, invited Brenda to be a part of it. Walter and Brenda had previously served on several boards together, and Walter requested Brenda to jump on board to take Sapphire RCMS to the next level.


Expounding on the decision to become the co-CEO of Sapphire RCMS, Brenda says, “While developing the software they worked with one company that recouped $50 million. That is when Walter Larkins reached out to me. It was perfect timing for me as I wanted to work closer to home.”


Sapphire’s goal is to shift the burden of payment from patient to the payer and help healthcare providers remain in business. The company does this by offering new & unique SaaS RCM solutions to healthcare providers all along the continuum of care. When healthcare providers stay in business, they continue serving their communities, which is important for Sapphire.


Furthermore, Sapphire improves provider revenue by addressing late payments, underpayments, and denials. The company places payers and healthcare providers on an even playing field and improves AR operating efficiencies. This undertaking reduces the cost of appeals while improving success.


Sapphire also helps hospitals recuperate money if the provider doesn’t have sufficient human resources, and the SaaS software can cut the staff time in half.

Brenda’s Final Thoughts

Brenda currently has her hands full operating as an investor and board member of multiple companies whilst helping Sapphire grow.


Speaking about the same, she says, “Although I am involved with four other startups as an investor or board member, my main attention is towards growing Sapphire RCMS and taking it to the next level.”

Going through an accelerator is an invaluable education. I am on the board of the Long Beach Accelerator which has many startups: https://www.lbaccelerator.org/

Brenda Wunsch

When asked for advice for an aspiring entrepreneur, Brenda had this gem share, “People don’t often share this advice but going through an accelerator is an invaluable education for an aspiring entrepreneur”.


And that’s precisely why she’s a part of our 10 most influential women leaders of 2021 list.


Find out more about the startup guru, Brenda Wunsch by visiting her LinkedIn profile by clicking this link.


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Founder & President, CO – CEO

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