Women Victory

The Culture Builder of Future Web3 Winners

Combining Search and Recruitment capabilities, assisting startups with fundraising, building out a media hub on the back of a leading LSEG-sponsored podcast and now launching their own app, The Mana Group is placing itself at the epicenter of FinTech and Web3.


Founded in 2017, The Mana Group has come a long way, since it started out by bridging the gap between search and recruitment as a means of providing a rounded service focused around diversity, and taking the transactionality out of headhunting. Now providing multiple services into hyper-growth startups and Venture Capital funds, Mana is seeking to be the Salesforce of Web3.


Having built out a business model geared towards partnership, exchanging equity and token with startups and carrying with venture capital funds, Mana is strategically aligning itself over the long-term to fuel, build and scale the projects leading this paradigm shift we are witnessing from web2 to web3.


Positioned as a Culture-as-a-Service offering into prominent startups – with partners including Wise, Tide, Alloy, Fabric Ventures and BCB Group – Mana’s services-first model is already utilised by global players.


Now with the launch of its new blockchain-powered Coconuts app, aimed at rectifying the lack of diversity of referrals within the recruitment industry, Mana’s mission statement of redressing the gender gap within first FinTech and now Web3 is reinforced further. Bringing together human and tech elements, Mana is building the future of work.


With a 75% female leadership team, powered by COO & CFO Antonietta Pugliese – the company’s engine room and heartbeat – Mana is practicing what it preaches. Mastermind CEO Lloyd Wahed is accompanied by Heather Williams – Chief People Officer, and Mimi Nguyen – Chief Technology Officer for Mana’s Labs function. A diverse team to build a diverse technological future.


Put simply, Mana is positioning itself as the culture builders of tomorrow’s category winners