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New York Source Income of Nonresident Individuals, Estates, and Trusts, and Part-Year Resident Individuals and Trusts

So I called up Turbo Tax Card’s customer service. That was the first time I waited for 30 minutes. Then, the recording stopped but I was not transferred to a representative. I called up again, waited for 20 minutes, and https://turbo-tax.org/ the representative informed me that when a hold is placed on the card it takes up to 30 days to remove it. “Really? But why?” I asked but the representative couldn’t tell me. “It’s just policy” was his only response.

  • However, those with significant expenses will need to upgrade to this level.In terms of usability, TurboTax leads the pack.
  • It could only take the proceeds of the sale.
  • It is extremely shameful for such a large organization to treat good customers in such a poor manner.
  • When I clicked to amended return, the window came up showing procedures to follow that looked like a point I would be at, if I were half way through the procedure.
  • Blvdsoftware.com claimed it had been in business since 2005, but a check of the site’s WHOIS registration records showed it was created in late October 2011.

TaxAct’s improvements focused on general usability.From a pricing perspective, the big change this year is TaxAct’s decision to charge for state filing at the Free level. While TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxSlayer continue to offer free federal and state filing to qualified people, https://turbo-tax.org/turbo-tax-2011-for-sale/ TaxAct only offers free federal filing. Users will have to pay at least $39.95 to file their state taxes.The other major change is H&R Block’s expansion of the Deluxe tier. Normally, this tier is a huge waste of money for filers that don’t fit the criteria for free filing.

Suspended Net Operating Loss Carryovers

Sorry Turbo but your loyal followers are going away next year. I called today March 7, and was refused a supervisor after re-questioning for 10 minutes for one to be put on the phone. The agent refused to give me her rep ID and name.

  • The appellate decision left consumers with virtually no leverage in the class action.
  • However, for existing tax controversies, this may be huge win for taxpayers.
  • It was to be direct deposited and the fees would be paid through their third-party bank.
  • It did not seem to be an issue in the case.
  • BTW they do not accept complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

Get California 540NR, Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Booklet, for more information regarding the reporting of capital gains and losses. Taxation will not occur until the gain or loss is recognized. California taxes the wage income received by a nonresident from employee stock options on a source basis, whether you were always a nonresident or were formerly a California resident.

TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, And TaxSlayer Pricing Comparison

Because TurboTax saves your previous year’s numbers, shows them alongside your new entries, it was simple and familiar. However, when I reached the final stage, basically the checkout, it was now charging me for the Premiere version at $49.95 plus the state at $39.95. In going back over my version choice and all entries, nothing I could do would change it. My wife checked our debit card that we received from them last year.

  • During the preparation of my taxes, I had to redo items more than once since the system overrode what I wrote.
  • I finally got frustrated and told him that this was not a viable argument since the IRS had already sent it to TurboTax’s bank.
  • I used it 4 years running but they have lost me with poor service this year.
  • You received a Schedule K-1 from the California partnership that included net income of $10,000 from California sources.

I’ve had to re-fax the info on 4 separate occasions and each time it’s the same excuse “wait 5 business days”. It’s bad enough we have to pay our government, but to pay extra fees for using the Turbo Tax software that we have already purchased is ridiculous! I guess since you already have my bank account information, you will proceed to deduct my bank account for more money. I will not use Turbo Tax ever again if this money is deducted from my account. There are other products on the market that understand that we, the people, must pay our governments, and does not require extra fees at tax time.

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They stated we could look at the decision after 30 days. I asked for my tax refund to be given to me on their TurboTax Debit Card. I got the card and decided to not use up the balance right away so I could have some extra money for some school expenses I had coming. But when I went to use my card, I found the account “locked” for security they said even though I didn’t have any problems. They had me fax over my ID, SS Card and Proof of Address and said it would take 4 business days to unlock. Yet, I have been waiting for over 2 weeks, with no money and they give me the run around each time I call.

Turbo Tax 2011 For Sale

They also wanted a $29.99 TurboTax refund processing fee for a direct deposit of the federal refund. I chatted with TurboTax, and they did not answer the question regarding the $29.99 TurboTax refund processing fee. Why would I pay another bank to process my refund from the IRS when it was being direct deposited? Also, the TurboTax support representative said that I should have called about the $19.99 state filing fee. I don’t think the support person on the chat understood what I was typing. I have never had a bad experience with TurboTax until 2013.

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